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This eBook will help you to understand the

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   eBook includes...

  • What is Industrial Automation?
  • Which Degree and Skill are needed?
  • Which Instruments are used?
  • What is Power Supply Unit?
  • What is PLC - Programmable Logic Controller?
  • What is Input types of PLC?
  • What is Output types of PLC?
  • Programming Concepts of PLC

How Automation will affect the job market in


  • 66% of Indian businesses are looking for quite a different set of skills [AUTOMATION SKILL] among new recruits than they did three years ago.
  • A large proportion of businesses in the United States of America (61%), Brazil (70%)… and Germany (65%) agreed that businesses are looking for quite different skills in new recruits.
  • For 53% of Indian businesses it has become harder to recruit people with the skills needed. So, the AUTOMATION EXPERTS or PROFESSIONALS can get this opportunities VERY EASILY.

Enroll & Get Your FREE eBook Now!

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